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Colette Nichol is an actor, writer, video maker and entrepreneur, passionate about the process of creation and the sharing of transformative stories.  After having spent four and a half years living in South America, becoming fluent in Spanish, teaching English, and working on her first solo show, Colette returned to Canada in 2012

She has most recently finished mounting her second solo show Swimming with Piranhas in Gabriola, BC.   In addition Colette continues to work on a variety of other projects ranging from theatre to online video.  

Colette's first solo show, Unimportant Criminal, toured across Canada for the 2009 Fringe, running for 31 performances and hitting up five cities on its east to west journey.  

Moving between Vancouver, Toronto, and Quito, Ecuador, over the past ten years Colette has pursued the study of various forms and 

 photo by Ross den Otter

techniques of acting, ranging from the corporeal mime of Etienne Decroux, to Pochenko clown, Meisner, the Method, Shakespearean acting, and musical theatre.   

Colette has had the great pleasure of studying with internationally renowned vocal coach Nikolai Kolesnikov as well as professor/voice specialist Dr. Iris MacGregor Bannerman.

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Swimming with Piranhas is Colette's latest piece of solo theatre, created over the past three years, the show tells the story of Maggie Swanell, a jaded television actress who after being diagnosed with tongue cancers ends up on an Amazonian adventure with her mother as she tries to break the bad news and figure out what to do with the rest of her life. 

This show most recently played at the Gabriola Theatre festival on Gabriola Island, BC.  Stay tuned for more performances. 

REVIEWS: Solo Performance 

 Swimming with Piranhas

Swimming with Piranhas by Colette Nichol

Writer-performer Colette Nichol is Maggie, an abrasive self-professed asshole....  Maggie may be trying at times but she has a rich inner-life and sardonic sense of humour.  She sees the details and flaws not only in the world, but also in herself....  The Amazon and its inhabitants play the other to Maggie's world.  The contrast exposes Western society's tendency to control, ignore and pave over death.  I greatly enjoyed Swimming with Piranhas.  


"With an entirely bare stage behind her, Nichol creates complicated scenarios using just her body, and her grace and sensibility in her movements is quite impressive. As the story delves into her family history, her character goes beyond the stereotype of the vain, narcissistic actress and delivers some surprising sentiments and thoughts on existence."


Unimportant Criminal

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"Nichol's performance is a treat to watch.  Her voice is a winning factor.  The dramatic moments of Criminal are beautiful." 

"Prepare to be facinated."


"At the end of the show I turned to my viewing companions and said, “I have to meet Colette Nichol, because I need to find out how someone writes something like that.”

"Tour de force performance...a remarkable artist.  This production is a marvel that deserves to be seen and discussed."


"Cool style, a wicked costume, super make-up, stunning voice and fantastical characters...not your typical realism in a box."

"Colette Nichol is a joy to behold on stage. She has a great commanding presence both dynamic and enthralling with an excellent execution of all characters. Her use of props and creative costuming are spectacular."


"The interactive surveys were twisted but hilarious. Nichol enthralled the audience with the two songs in the show."




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