The obsession with acting started somewhere around the age of 7.
I saw my brother playing the role of Surfing Santa in an elementary school play. And that was it. I wanted to play Santa. Of course, as you can guess, that was not to be. 

As soon as I graduated from high school I moved from small town BC to Toronto to study acting.
I lasted two terms at The Randolph Academy before deciding that musical theatre school was not the place for me. From there I went on to study all over the place. In Toronto. In Vancouver. At a Clown Farm on Manitoulin Island. I studied Meisner, the Method, Shakespeare, Alexander Technique, Fitzmaurice, Pochenko Clown, and Corporeal Mime. And I continued my singing studies. 

Not one to follow a crowd, instead of becoming a "real actor" I moved to Ecuador.
There I learned Spanish and started writing my first solo show. To date, I've written and performed two solo shows: unimportant criminal and Swimming with Piranhas. 

After 5 years in South America, I moved back to Canada, where I've been ever since. 
Since returning to Canada, I've mounted my 2nd solo show Swimming with Piranhas in Victoria and Gabriola. 

Most recently I played the role of Maggie in Den of Thieves at Studio 16. 


solo show REVIEWS

"With an entirely bare stage behind her, Nichol creates complicated scenarios using just her body, and her grace and sensibility in her movements is quite impressive. As the story delves into her family history, her character goes beyond the stereotype of the vain, narcissistic actress and delivers some surprising sentiments and thoughts on existence."
-Culture Vulture


Tour de force performance...a remarkable artist.  This production is a marvel that deserves to be seen and discussed.

-Raise the Hammer

The interactive surveys were twisted but hilarious. Nichol enthralled the audience with the two songs in the show.
— The Star Phoenix
Prepare to be facinated.
— Halston Arts Review

"Cool style, a wicked costume, super make-up, a stunning voice and fantastical characters...not your typical realism in a box."

-Lisa Marie DiLiberto

At the end of the show I turned to my viewing companions and said, “I have to meet Colette Nichol, because I need to find out how someone writes something like that.

"Colette Nichol is a joy to behold on stage. She has a great commanding presence both dynamic and enthralling with an excellent execution of all characters."

-Theatre In London

Nichol’s performance is a treat to watch. Her voice is a winning factor. The dramatic moments of Criminal are beautiful.
— Monday Mag