This is my fancy pants headshot by Ross den Otter.

This is my fancy pants headshot by Ross den Otter.

Well, here it goes...

I'm a multi-hyphenate.

Not just because I love hyphens - which I do. But because I am incurably curious about the world, its contents, the meanings we ascribe to the things that may or may not have any deep meaning at all. I find it hard NOT to get interested in things. Any things. Except for when my partner starts telling me about the engine of a car, and then my brain just shuts off automatically. 

Storytelling is probably my biggest passion.

The things I'm most interested in all revolve around storytelling. Bringing narratives to life in some form or another. 

Things I do:

acting, writing, producing, making theatre, writing solo shows, performing solo shows, taking pictures, micro-filmmaking, teaching micro-filmmaking, directing, editing, designing... pretty sure that covers it...


I grew up in the countryside.
Naramata, BC. On a vineyard. My parents were bad ass winemakers before it was a thing that people in BC really did. From them I learned the power of a good idea, good timing, and the courage to dig deep and go after a dream that everyone thinks is crazy. 

Despite the superficial utopia of living in paradise, growing up on a lake, sunsets the colour of blood oranges, and the freedom to roam the orchards and vineyards and woods at will, all I wanted to do was get out of the sticks and go make art in the big city. 

That's what I eventually did. 

The road has been long, and very very circuitous. 
I spent 5 years living in South America. In a tiny country most people have weirdly never heard of. Ecuador. I taught ESL there while learning Spanish (which is now sadly very rusty!). I wrote two solo shows. Fell in love. Got married. And then worked up the courage to move back to the West Coast to pursue a life in art.

That was hard. Leaving and then coming back. Not for the faint of heart.

And that's where I am now. Living in Vancouver. Writing. Making micro-films. Teaching. Growing a business. Acting. Doing what I love. 


I love making art with other people.
I also love connecting people. If you have a project that you think I would be interested in, please reach out! If I can't help, maybe someone I know can. As artists, we are stronger if we work together, lifting each other up. 

If you wanna know more, check out my BODY OF WORK. Read the BLOG


Formal Bio:

Oh, I see, you want to read a formal bio. Fine. Here it is in all its 3rd person glory:

Colette Nichol is an actor, writer, micro filmmaker, producer, and entrepreneur, passionate about the process of creation and the sharing of transformative stories.  After having spent five years living in South America, becoming fluent in Spanish, teaching English, and working on her first solo show, Colette returned to Canada in 2012. 

Her second solo show Swimming with Piranhas was originally mounted in Victoria as part of the Victoria Fringe Festival, and more recently was chosen to be part of the Gabriola Theatre Festival.  

Unimportant Criminal, Colette's first solo show, toured across Canada during the 2009 Fringe, running for 31 performances and hitting up five cities on its east to west journey.  More recently, Colette co-founded the independent theatre company Offside Theatre with Dimitri Vantis, successfully mounting their first show, Den of Thieves by Stephen Adly Guirgis at Studio 16 in the fall of 2017. 

Moving between Vancouver; Toronto; and Quito, Ecuador, over the past twelve years Colette has engaged in the study of various forms and techniques of acting ranging from the corporeal mime of Etienne Decroux, to Pochenko clown, Meisner, the Method, and Musical Theatre. 

In addition to acting, Colette is the founder of Story Envelope Media, an indie media company that creates soulful online videos for small businesses, and The Story Envelope Academy, an education platform which teaches micro-filmmaking techniques to curious creatives.


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Some randoMly selected photos of:


P.S. My Name is not NICOLE

If you're all the way at the bottom of this page, you're probably a pretty diligent person anyway.
But in case there was any confusion, my name is Colette. Since I was an errant tween, my teachers and other random persons have been calling me Nicole. It's kind of understandable. My last name is almost a first name. And my first name is an official last name. Definitely my parents didn't think this one through completely. But what's done is done. Just whatever you do, please don't call me Nicole. I won't kill you, but I'll certainly think about it.

Nicknames: Coletti, Colettikit, Colettcita, Coco, Coconut, Coey, Co.... thassaboutit.