Micro Filmmaking

In 2013, I started a company called Story Envelope Media.
I wanted to make Micro Films for Soulful Businesses. I wanted to tell stories. Just get up and go. Grab the camera and capture some creative life. And that's what I did. Below are some of the micro films I've made recently. 

For the past year I've been creating a course to teach people solo micro filmmaking.
To give people the freedom to create micro films for themselves and their communities. This is the Story Envelope Academy. To find out when the course will become available hop on over to the website. www.storyenvelopeacademy.org

Stop motion animation for Paper-Oh!

An interview with two paper geniuses.

One of Vancouver's most treasured photographers.

Creating a beautiful product from the craft to the soul.

The story behind a unique Vancouver restaurant. 

The story of Rick's financial planning business.

My super duper old video reel :) from 2016

A Vimeo Weekend challenge - making a music video.

Would you like a video made? 
Get in touch at colette@storyenvelope.com