Swimming with Piranhas

From Out of the Darkness & Into The Light

A Solo Show by Colette Nichol


When abrasive television star Maggie Swanell is diagnosed with tongue cancer, everything she thought was true becomes a question mark.  With death staring her in the face, Maggie embarks on a trip into the heart of Ecuador’s Amazon jungle in a reluctant attempt to reconnect with her world-travelling mother.  In this heartfelt piece of minimalist solo theatre, actor/writer Colette Nichol will take you on a ride from the grey drizzle of Vancouver, where our story starts, and into the buzzing hazy heat of the jungle as Maggie searches for a way to live and love.  “impressive…delivers some surprising sentiments and thoughts on existence…solid and meditative…” -Culture Vulture, Victoria




CFUV Victoria

"Writer-performer Colette Nichol is Maggie, an abrasive self-professed asshole. She’s a wealthy television star, but any flickers of happiness are extinguished by a diagnosis of cancer."

"Nichol brings in her knowledge of the tropical rainforest and Ecuador, where she lived for 5 years. The Amazon and its inhabitants play the other to Maggie’s world. The contrast exposes Western society’s tendency to control, ignore and pave over death. I greatly enjoyed Swimming with Piranhas."   -Robyn, CFUV @ Victoria Fringe 2013


Culture Vulture Mag

"With an entirely bare stage behind her, Nichol creates complicated scenarios using just her body, and her grace and sensibility in her movements is quite impressive."

As the story delves into her family history, her character goes beyond the stereotype of the vain, narcissistic actress and delivers some surprising sentiments and thoughts on existence.

Despite its dangerous name, Swimming with Piranhas works because of its focus on complex emotions and relationships, rather than physical dangers. Solid and meditative, this would be a good show if you are looking for something to chew on."

-Erin Anderson, Culture Vulture Mag